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EP Review: Library Chiller Replacement by Percentage Bridge

Originally posted on Alt Dialogue:
First one on your must listen EPs of 2016 has to be the new EP Library Chiller Replacement by Percentage Bridge. It’s a delightfully complex and intricate release from the math rock duo. Released on…

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Check out our new, low-priced DIY cassette duplication by clicking here (includes some sample photos). Starting at $1.75 per tape (including physical tape). Go check it out, and shoot an email to for inquires Hand-dubbed in real time on four

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YouTube – Subruckus Live + more

Hey folks! We’re stoked to be starting a live in-“studio” type of YouTube series, starting with the debut song from math-rock duo Percentage Bridge, “Restless Sleeves”. Check out their link and give this a look! Also, we just uploaded a

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Subruckus Update

Don’t worry guys… The Subruckus Collective is doing just fine. In fact, we have dubbed all 20 tapes for SUMDEUS’s upcoming release, “A Scene of Peace and Beauty“. Art will be done soon, and then those will drop. Check the

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Check it out.

Check out our Facebook page homies! Lots of updates etc: FACEBOOK Also, TWITTER. the Olaf Cassette is ALMOST here! And also we’re getting a LOT more releases ready. Math-rock from FLORAL, some noise from KEVIN MURRAY’s PLACOZOA DICTATORSHIP, some chill

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Stickers! Buy our beautiful “silence on vacation” sticker (just in!) from our store. $1, and they’ll also be included free with all physical purchases. (4.25×2.75). Also, SRC001, “Live from the Day of Noise” by noisy/sludgy experimental group Acid Blast, is

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The show on the 23rd is currently being rescheduled to another Sunday in April. Sorry about that. Stay tuned for the date!

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